The Blue Star VRF IV S is an inverter compressor driven VRF system, designed with compact side discharge outdoor units. This system is very suitable for applications with limited floor space for installing Outdoor Units (ODUs) or for residential applications where aesthetics and space both matter, or where there is a slab above the ODUs.

Varieties of indoor units complement compact ODUs to offer excellent solutions for air conditioning residences, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, healthcare centres, commercial spaces, etc.

VRF IV S is a heat pump system, which can be used for both cooling and heating requirements.

Salient Features

  • Lightweight, compact, wall/floor-mounted ODU
  • Low starting current
  • Step-less capacity control
  • Low noise design
  • Wide operating temperature range: -10° C to 52° C
  • Sophisticated control system
  • Variety of indoor units
  • Efficient heating operation
  • Intelligent temperature control