By being an expert in the area of central airconditioning, it also helps us understand the cooling requirements of a diverse range of applications. This expertise, knowledge and the skills have helped us to have some of the most technologically advanced and energy efficient airconditioning solutions for small spaces.

Get Office-Like Cooling At Home

Ever wished your home was cooled just as well as your office? Opt for Window ACs and Split ACsfrom India s leading commercial airconditioning company. Built by incorporating advanced technology and unmatched expertise, they offer you exceptional cooling, significant savings and fresh, hygienic air at home.

Shah Engineering is one of the pioneer firms of the room air conditioners system. Shah engineering is one of the blue star dealer in Ahmadabad. A reputed firm which is highly sales and services of room air conditioners products like split air conditioners , cassette air conditioners, window air conditioners etc. That the firm is having team of highly skilled professional which are expert in each and every departmental wise like staff for packaging, supervisor, technicians to all customer needs without compromising to the quality of work. The team work and fit the air conditioner in proper space manner so client will get totally satisfaction from that. It is not cooling system but both 2 in 1 air conditioner and heater in all the temperature you can set as you want it. As we can say that shah engineering is one of the best dealers for the air conditioners.

The shah engineering sales the latest star system air conditioner which is highly to provide services to customer. This each and every room air conditioner is having features like

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Wide and long throw to 12 meter
  • Auto restart
  • Dot liquid crystal display
  • Eco friendly operation
  • Easiest to clean

Shah engineering which service in contract base also. Air conditioner equipment repair and services if you will join us you will get full customer satisfaction with right guidance of our services along with the trust.