The Verticool Split AC is best suited for air conditioning large wide open halls that do not have false ceilings to hide the ducting system. This AC is floor-mounted and offers a powerful air throw from a height to reach the farthest corners any large space. Its portability ensures it can be placed in any corner or sides of a space or next to structures such as pillars.


  • Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser
  • Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator
  • Anti-Freeze Thermostat
  • ON/OFF Timer
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Powder-Coated Outer Body
  • Wide Angle Airflow
  • Dry Mode
  • Extended Piping Length
  • Economy Mode
  • Hydrophilic Blue Evaporator Fins
  • Auto Mode
  • Auto Restart with Memory Backup
  • Cleanable Panel
  • Fixed and Swing Louvres
  • Air Flow Direction Control