Blue Star's HiPer+ Packaged Air Conditioners are high performance machines that operate even at high sensible loads and at 45°C ambients, such as in locations that experience harsh summers. These are available in two configurations: Floor Mounted (ranging from 5.5, 11 and 16.5 ton capacities) and Ceiling Suspended (5.5, 9.5 and 17 ton capacities).

To avail all the advantages of the HiPer+ packaged ACs in cities with moderate ambient temperature, the HiSen packaged air conditioners are perfect. They are designed with an upsized cooling coil for 90% sensible heat load removal and higher capacity indoor fan for delivering up to 550 CFM per HiPer ton. The HiSen packaged ACs are available in 5.5, 11 and 16.5 HiPer ton capacities for the floor mounted configuration and 5.5, 8.5 and 17 ton capacities for the ceiling suspended configuration.

*1 Hiper ton=1.25 ton