Shah Engineering has developed specialized products for process applications, IT/ITES, telecom and the dairy industry. We have diverse experience and have a deep understanding of the demands on airconditioning and refrigeration in each industry. This knowledge and domain expertise has helped us design and Dealers a range of specialized products which ensure that critical applications work seamlessly.

Shah engineering which provide speciality cooling facilities. It is a dealer of the blue star company in Ahmadabad. Speciality cooling facilities which is provided to highly skilled company like IT industry, Diary industry etc and many more. This all the project is take in proper design manner with proper fitting in limited space. First the team will be understand the whole project which way the client requirement is in each industry. Where special expert of the will design the pattern and then shown to the client then the whole project will starts.

The clients should understand the project properly and our expert will guide which type of the chillers air conditioner will be applicable to them. They provide various type of the star facilities to the client so energy saving can be done. These projects are done in that manner so the client should be free from the noises, uniform air distribution, micro processed based cooling solution. All services are given to the client with a cost effective cooling.

Shah engineering is able to offer end to end solution to its client which is surely differ in the market place. All the speciality cooling project are giant and so each and every project have unique feature and completed in the timely manner. And the team members of testing department well test the whole project. Shah engineering which provide better quality control.